Le Ice - Class of 2020



Where are you from?

I’m Haitian, but I grew up here in Montreal.

When did you start making music?

I came out the womb with a mic, you feel me! But seriously, I’ve been making music since I was twelve.

How would you describe your style?

Wavy and raw, I can go back and forth, my sound is very versatile.

What’s the vibe when you’re making music

It depends on the vibe I’m in. If I just got into an argument with someone, I’m gonna be mad. If I just woke up, I’m gonna be happy, I never limit myself.

What do you think of our local rap scene?

We’re super versatile, the french rap scene mixed with the anglo scene, that’s weird.


I think that anglophone and francophone rap are both great, so they should each shine individually.

Are there any artists that inspire you?

Me, I only listen to myself.

What’s next for you?

For the ones that follow Canicule, they know that with Canicule, everything we put out is hot. The tape is going to be super fire.

What’s the mindset of your collective?

Canicule represents our independence, we don’t need anyone. We do everything in house, rap in house, studio in house. We’re very proud of that.

What advice would you give a young rapper who wants to join Canicule records?

[Laughs]… If you want to be in Canicule, you have to bring up the heat or forget about it. If you ain’t got no heat, you’ll stay on the bench.

Artist: Le Ice @iamtherealice
photography: Koku Awuye
Words: Yasmine Seck & Alpha Oumarou