Shreez - Class of 2020



Where are you from?

I’m Quebecois from Haitian descent

How would you describe your sound?

It’s simple, we turn up on some trap music.

What do you like to talk about in your music?

Life struggles, the positive moments and the bad ones. You just gotta keep it real.

What’s the vibe when you’re making music?

It’s a spontaneous thing, I chill, light up a blunt, it’s all in the moment and that’s what makes our style.

Who are you listening to right now?

Russ from the UK, Tory Lanez, Tizzo and my guys!

What do you think of the rap scene in Montréal?

Honestly, I feel like artists making street rap are more represented than before, we’re making progress. I think we’re on the right path.

How are you adjusting to your success?

I’m a chill guy, people around me know that being recognized in the street hasn’t changed me at all. I’m still the same person and I’m usually at home anyway.

Are you a homebody?

[Laughs] Yeah, I almost never go out. Honestly, I was chilling during quarantine, I already don’t go out much. Quarantine gave me an excuse to really stay home.

Artist: Shreez @shreezfbv
photography: Koku Awuye
Words: Yasmine Seck & Alpha Oumarou